Each day we awake to face our routines. I, for one, have never been a morning person. I have tried; that I can say, but to no avail. Even as a child, I never felt good of the mornings. It was always a struggle to get up and get moving; I felt tired and sluggish then and still do.  I generally don’t like anyone or anything during that time either. There is nothing more irritating than being awakened by someone full of energy and wanting to share their enthusiasm, when I am begging my body to cooperate and get out of bed one toe at a time.

Then, there is coffee. God bless the gift of coffee. I have the same thought each day as I take my first wonderful sip of java, which by the way often comes late morning, at best. My father always admired his mother for her appreciation of her cup of coffee…..and mornings. He said he didn’t understand it until he was in his fifties, but when he did, he embraced it. I understand the coffee part; I discovered it long ago. But there is that morning thing again. His mother loved to get up early, fire up the cook stove with wood, go to the chicken coop and gather the eggs, cook the day’s meals, and retreat to the front porch to enjoy the songs of the birds while she had her coffee.

When I think about that scene, of the grandmother I never knew and a woman my father adored, sitting in her rocking chair on her wooden front porch enjoying her coffee to nature’s melodies, how the feelings of peace and hope must have engulfed her. She didn’t have an easy life by any means, but she chose to embrace what she had and enhance her appreciation of nature and her blessings. She was a praying woman, too. She was doing things to improve her daily life that I’m sure she felt, but had no idea the depth of the effect on her being.

Recently I have learned about vibrational frequency and the human body. It is measured in Megahertz, which is energy within our being. A healthy person has a frequency of 62-78 MHZ. That frequency can be changed from various things such as, sickness, thoughts – either positive or negative, and meditation and prayer. I found it very interesting what an impact each of these could have on a person.

Society has become so fast-paced that we get thrown into the cycle of chaos, whether we want to or not. We all know that stress can kill, literally, as it manifests into many different forms creating unhealthy physical, mental, and emotional strains on the bodily system. Negative thoughts, alone, can decrease our body’s frequency by 12 MHZ. Sickness can begin at 59 MHZ and cancer at 42 MHZ. But being an optimist, I focused on the appeal of what positive thinking and prayer and meditation could do. Each of these increases the MHZ by 10 to 15, respectively. And then I understood.

Each morning upon awakening, not early of course, I have discovered the comfort of just lying there for a while using that time to reflect on those things that matter to me personally, but more importantly spending that time with God in prayer. I often think about how I have been blessed with another day and what tasks I may do that would be worthwhile and provide satisfaction and joy. My faith and common sense confirm this is good for me, just like my grandmother knew what boosted her, but I had no idea of the physical, mental, and emotional responses involved on a scientific level.

We are owed nothing in this life. The concept of the glass half empty or the glass half full reflects thought processes and personalities. There are optimists and pessimists and those in between. The next time you chose to gripe and groan, consider replacing the response with thankfulness and understanding. Spend time with God in prayer. These actions will increase your MHZ and improve your wellbeing on a multitude of levels, not to mention walking with God will reap the greatest rewards beyond any measure.

And just for an additional note, I will correct myself that I don’t like mornings. I actually do like the morning hours from midnight until 3 or 4 a.m. when it’s nice and quiet and my internal clock has not given up yet. After that is when there is the best sleep possible!

I’ll see you on the flip side………




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